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You have talent and passion you want to turn into work you love. Now what? See an attorney to help you set up your company properly.

You fired an employee and they applied for unemployment benefits. Now what? Seeing your attorney is a good choice before you decide to challenge the award of benefits. What you gain in the short run may cost you later.

You are thinking about hiring some help in your office. What are the rules? We can help you prepare to interview potential employees. We can also let you in on the 15-minute telephone screening interview and why it may be the very best way to screen potential workers.  We can also help you get all the right forms together.

Call us if you have any concerns regarding any of the following:

  • Starting your business;
  • Running your business;
  • Dealing with employees;
  • Avoiding litigation with employees;
  • Avoiding litigation with vendors & customers
  • “Too late, already been sued.” (especially call us then!)
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